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An angiogram is an invasive test to examine the blood flow into the legs.
One of the most common procedures done worldwide, an angiogram is performed in a qualified laboratory. As the procedure has become more refined, it is often performed in outpatient, ambulatory settings.

A tube is inserted in the groin (femoral artery) or wrist (radial artery). Under x-ray guidance, dye is injected into the leg arteries. This allows Dr. Chatham to see the artery and determine if there is blockage. Unless the blockage is significant, generally more than 70% blocked, no benefit will come of bypassing it, placing a stent or opening it up.
If there is no need to open the artery up, the tubes are removed. Sometimes a plug is placed in the femoral artery for patient comfort, and sometimes pressure is applied.
No two people are alike. Your unique needs are what dictate the care you receive. Just because your neighbor had a wrist approach, does not mean that is the best approach for you.

Dr. Chatham has successfully performed peripheral interventions for claudication, non-healing ulcers and limb salvage.

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