Chatham Heart Center

Exercise stress testing

A treadmill stress test looks at functional status, blood supply and valve function of the heart. At CHC we tailor the test to the individual. Generally CHC uses the standard Bruce protocol. For unique indications we will use the modified Bruce protocol or Naught on protocol.

You will be hooked up to EKG leads to monitor your heart beats. The treadmill with start at a slow pace with minimal incline. At three minute intervals, the treadmill will go faster and the incline will rise. The purpose is to make your heart work harder than normal exertion.

You will be given written instructions prior to the test. The pre-procedural consultation enables Dr. Chatham to tailor the test to your needs. It is very important you wear comfortable shoes and clothing for the test. You should not eat nor smoke prior to the test.

Often, an echocardiogram will be performed at the time of the stress test. The baseline study is done prior to exercise and the heart is imaged at peak exercise. The additional information derived is crucial to pinpointing any potential problems with the heart.

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